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Our New World

This world has been changing and we must adapt to it. Our children are learning Technology faster than we can keep up with it. Just the other day my nine-year-old son was showing me how to do something on my phone that I did not know my phone can do.

We can attend church in person or watch it online in our pajamas. We can be at home alone watching service while doing other things. The main question I ask is are we really reaching everyone we want to reach.

We as church are not stuck in a building but hopefully out in the real-world showing God's love to everyone. My kids show God's love daily by opening a door for someone, picking up trash in a local park, smiling and saying hi to the elderly. We can pray for those who need prayers, we can bring a meal to a sick friend or even mail a card to someone to let them know you're thinking of them.

This week let us focus on praying for those who need prayers! Let us pray for those who are hurting and need God's love more now than ever.


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